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51. Devin 1 (2018)

25' x 25' (7m x 7m)

52. Kylie 1 (2018)

Pine Island Minnesota
24' x 24' (7m x 7m)
My garden

53. Backyard (2018)

Everett, WA
59' x 59' (18m x 18m)
Our garden

54. Bernstein (2018)

49' x 44' (15m x 13m)

55. Garden (2018)

43' x 19' (13m x 5m)
Home Garden

56. Keswick Veggie Garden (2018)

Charlottesville, VA (Zone 7A)
28' x 78' (8m x 23m)
Limestone Springs Farm: 2018 Vegetable Garden

57. Cupples Community Garden (2018)

San Antonio
39' x 39' (12m x 12m)
drip irrigation

58. tin garden 1 (2018)

Ocklawaha Fl.
48' x 48' (14m x 14m)
4x8x2 raised bed.

59. Vegetable Garden (2018)

Northgate/Colerain, Cincinnati, OH
31' x 24' (9m x 7m)
Raised Beds are made with raw/untreated 12" Pine board with 4"x4" posts for stability. They are built on previously grass-covered lawn that I dug out. I lined the bottom of the bed with weed fabric and hardware cloth to prevent mice and moles from digging through. Each bed's soil is composed of: 20 cu ft Shredded Top Soil, 20 cu ft Composted Manure, 6 cu ft peat moss, and 4 cu ft Vermiculate. Will enrich with our kitchen/chicken compost in the Fall before planting crop cover. The paths were lined with plastic weed cover and economy mulch after digging the grass out. Top of this plan is facing south. Our home is at the top of this plan (South) and the road to the left (East). There's a large walnut tree about 30 ft to the right (West) that will provide shade for the chickens in the later afternoon-evening. I planned to have the more shade-tolerant plants on the right (West) side of this layout for that reason, as well.

60. Johnson, David & Janis (2018)

42' x 26' (12m x 8m)

61. My garden (2018)

859 Trump Ave. NE East Canton Ohio, 44730
39' x 49' (12m x 15m)
Our garden is to feed our house and keeps us busy.

62. McCaffery (2018)

39' x 21' (11m x 6m)

63. Fisher, Susan (2018)

40' x 40' (12m x 12m)

64. Wessner (2018)

37' x 50' (11m x 15m)

65. Berkowitz (2018)

49' x 24' (15m x 7m)

66. Vegetable Beds (2018)

Corvallis, Oregon
44' x 66' (13m x 20m)
2018 Vegetable beds

67. Pandora 1 (2018)

15' x 9' (4m x 3m)
Fruit & Veg

68. Vetgetable Garden (2018)

Carrie's Garden
43' x 18' (13m x 5m)
Tomatoe, Celery, Lots of peppers, onions, herbs, cucumber s& green beans.

69. Main Garden (2018)
52' x 80' (16m x 24m)

70. Greg's Garden (2018)

Chesterfield, VA
69' x 39' (21m x 12m)
Home Garden

71. Arlington Garden (2018)

34' x 44' (10m x 13m)
Extra Large Backyard Homestead Garden

72. athena garden (2018)

Athena, Oregon
84' x 52' (25m x 16m)
Our 5th garden plans for 2018

73. Amherst Community Garden (2018)

Amherst Community Garden
80' x 41' (24m x 12m)
Keeping the 2017 layout, we will continue 6 raised beds that border the pollintaor garden. Schools Plus will continue their pumpkin patch project. With two rows of corn in front. Heritage Corn Project. Existing rows of garlic, planted in fall 2017. (4 rows) A small ornimental bulp area. 2 fruit bushes coming this season. Position of those bushes need to be discussed. Living tee-pee project to be picked up my Spring Street Academy. Expanding with a mandala shape. Each plot will be managed by an individual/family/organization.

74. Vegetable Garden (2018)

Coudersport PA
69' x 23' (21m x 7m)
Just moved here. First year gardening in a garden plot established over 30 years ago and neglected for at least 15. Wish me luck!

75. Carolyn's Garden (2018)

Clarkston, Michigan
30' x 30' (9m x 9m)
Due to lower than optimum sunlight, garden contains many greens and root crops.