Honeydew (Melon) Growing Guide

Cucumis melo

Honeydew (Melon)

Crop Rotation Group

Cucurbits (Squash family) 


Rich, moisture-retentive soil with plenty of compost dug in.


Full sun.

Frost tolerant



After plants set fruit, feed twice, at two week intervals, with a water soluble plant food.


Single Plants: 90cm (2' 11") each way (minimum)
Rows: 90cm (2' 11") with 90cm (2' 11") row gap (minimum)

Sow and Plant

Best direct sown once soil has warmed and there is no longer a risk of frost. If your growing season is short they can be started inside in pots to get a head start.
Our Garden Planner can produce a personalized calendar of when to sow, plant and harvest for your area.


Keep moist by watering regularly. Pinch out the growing tip once the plant has made three leaves and do the same to side shoots as they appear.


Harvest fruit when cracks form around the blossom and stem ends of the fruit


Control weeds early and then mulch to avoid trampling the vines after fruits have set.

Planting and Harvesting Calendar

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Pests which Affect Honeydew (Melon)